Be Safe. Shred or Wipe it. Avoid the ICO fines!

Written by: Alex MacColl

This week, Norfolk County Council were slapped a £60k fine for incorrectly disposing of a filing cabinet containing old paperwork. Just seven documents which were sensitive were found resulting in an investigation and a hefty fine. Read about this further here.

Imagine the fine for an errant hard drive with tens of thousands of files – or a lost flash drive within a laptop bag or a piece of furniture. Fines for private profit making businesses are also far greater and are set to rise under the revised DP act due in a few months time.

Be safe. Allow MacColl Media Ltd to carry out your redundant IT collections and data erasure. Our fully audited process in line with ISO:9001 and ISO:27001 standards ensures you get an asset report detailing everything we collect and crucially we accept any down the line responsibility and sign off at the point of collection! We utilise Blancco software which is CESG approved. If it’s good enough for our armed forces…..

We are so confident in the quality of our service that we put our name on the line, day in day out, carrying out collections and taking responsibility for valuable and sensitive data.

Avoid the fines. Retire your IT kit responsibly. It’s the law.

We take all of the legwork out of the planning and project management of decommissioning / relocating your IT.

That leaves you with time to plan your new install logistics, why weigh yourself down internally?

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