It’s time for your IT to pay you back

Written by: Alex MacColl

When investing in IT equipment, your company will look for the best advice, service and pricing available to them - it’s part and parcel of the process.

But what about when you upgrade your computer system / servers and need to decommission your old equipment? Well that is where you should use a trusted ITAD* such as MacColl Media to undertake the pricing and project management of scaling back your used IT Assets.

The value of your old equipment can split opinion, the boss may think its worth thousands and the IT manager may be worried that it is barely worth it’s weight in scrap. Then there is the small factor of being absolutely certain that the data contained on it will never be leaked to the outside world. MacColl Media shall take a detailed look at your selected IT assets and valuate them taking into account the services you require and the time frame required.

With MacColl Media, our philosophy is that every single time a companies IT hardware needs to be relocated, installed or decommissioned a window of opportunity is created to interweave value to the overall process - to strengthen asset management scope, reduce cost, mitigate risks and protect your personal data.

* (Information Technology Asset Disposal)

We take all of the legwork out of the planning and project management of decommissioning / relocating your IT.

That leaves you with time to plan your new install logistics, why weigh yourself down internally?

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